Mr Lee Chapman speaking on leadership

Speaking to business men and women on leadership Adelaide, South Australia.

Leadership is an interesting word. Most people think of the military where you are bound to follow orders by decree or authority placed on an officer. you are forced to follow the leader for fear of being punished or at worst fired/sacked from your job. True leadership is about helping men and women be the best in their chosen field. Its about placing the right people in the right position for the benefit of the team or goal.

A true leader shows the way and goes the way. A true leader says “follow me”.

Leaders also make decisions that not everyone will like, however they make them for the benefit of all concerned with the minimal amount of impact or damage to life or business.  Leadership is only gained from experience. You can not become an authority until you have been trained under authority. For example before you can become a police officer you have to be trained under the authority of an experienced police officer. I hope you understand.

There is no such thing as a natural born leader. Leaders are made.

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