Raising real men

The reason this business exists is because I got sick if women saying

“Where had all the good men gone?”

There is a huge difference between a male and a man. Male is simply the identification of a sex. A man is a male who has decided to become responsible for his actions in all walks of life.

Now I just want to say that this site is by no means politically correct I just say it how it is.

And here is the answer—the previous three generation of women bent on man bashing has killed them.

Over the past 30 years society has frowned upon boys wrestling in the playground, or play cowboys and Indians or playing in creeks. Taking toy guns and swords away from boys does nothing because he will use a stick.

In society we think its ok to de- maculate boys yet if we started to stop girls playing with dolls and playing dress ups with Mothers clothes there would be hell to pay.

I am dedicated to give practical tips and advice to single parents, Grandparents, or male role models entering blended families to raise real men. With the vision of raising the next generation of great fathers and men.